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Changzhou Longterm Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  [2011-5-24] (Read3398time)
New production base started construction [2011-10-11] (Read2839time)
Choline glycerophosphate(alpha-GPC) CAS:28319-77-9 [2012-11-23] (Read3126time)
Noopept(GVS-111) CAS:157115-85-0 [2012-11-23] (Read2795time)
Synephrine hydrochloride CAS:5985-28-4 [2012-11-23] (Read2054time)
N Methyltyramine HCL CAS:370-98-9 [2012-11-23] (Read6303time)
jintropin Human growth hormone 82030-87-3 HGH  [2013-3-27] (Read11989time)
Development of a-GPC is nearing completion [2013-5-9] (Read3171time)
Mass production of noopept is achieved [2013-5-9] (Read3527time)
Lidocaine hcl production line is ready for USP35 [2013-5-14] (Read3080time)
Procaine hcl production line is ready for USP35 [2013-5-31] (Read2560time)
Fight the fake inferior noopept [2013-11-16] (Read7486time)
N-methyltyramine hcl [2014-9-4] (Read2648time)
WEARHOUSE IN TX USA [2014-9-11] (Read5294time)
procaine hcl(CAS:51-05-8) [2017-3-6] (Read1501time)
lidocaine hcl(CAS:73-78-9) [2017-3-6] (Read1551time)
Benzocaine(CAS:94-09-7) [2017-3-6] (Read1543time)
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